Hop Doctor IIPA Release

Hop Doctor IIPA Release

Our newest beer might be one of our favorites—but more on that later. Bright citrus and passion fruit aromas will catch your nose as the glass of Hop Doctor arrives at your table. This IIPA is characterized by a velvety hoppiness that coats your tongue and leaves you wanting more.

The Hop Doctor IIPA is a unique one, considering the amount of hops we dumped into the boil kettle and fermenter (watch the video). We chose to highlight the hops by way of flavor and aroma, with the majority of the almost 20 pounds of Citra and Amarillo hops added late. It’s exceedingly smooth, devoid of the overwhelming bitterness that you’ll find in some west-coast IIPAs.

But the name is all about our brewers, the champions of this beer. Our beer—all of it—is brewed by our two #DoctorBrewers—Scott’s a pathologist and Jimmy’s a vascular surgeon. They both love hops and this beer is a representation of their passion. This beer (ok… all of our beers) is why they started a brewery: they wanted to share their beer with more than just their friends.

So Dr. Scott and Dr. Jimmy hope that you enjoy this beer. And anyone that drinks our beer is a friend of ours!

Stop in at 2pm on December 31st to get a taste of the Hop Doctor IIPA, or stick around ‘til midnight for our New Years Eve party.

May The Force Beer With You

We’re super excited about the new Star Wars movie, so we’re throwing a launch party at our tap room this Friday, 4-12pm.

Anyone that comes in and shows their ticket gets $1 off their beers. Anyone that doesn’t show their ticket, but orders in the voice of their favorite character ALSO gets $1 off their beers. Anyone whose favorite character is Jar Jar Binks, and orders their beer in Jar Jar’s voice will pay $1 extra.

In honor of the start of the third trilogy, we’re renaming our beers:

  • Amadala Rye Pale Ale
  • Obi Wan Kölschnobi
  • Cloud City Amber
  • Tatooine Trooper Tripel
  • Rebel Alliance Red IIPA
  • Sith Stone Scotch Ale
  • Jaba the Ha IPA
  • Vader’s Sack Christmas Ale
  • Wookie Stout
  • (sorry folks, but the Death Star Cherry IPA has been destroyed, aka completely gone)

Feel free to dress up–all our facilities are R2D2 accessible. And definitely stop in before or after you head over to the theater!

Thanksgiving Beer Pairings

Thanksgiving is up there for our favorite holidays. We love the time we get to share with friends and family, and definitely enjoy the turkeys, stuffing, cranberries and pies. We wanted to share some of our favorite Thanksgiving beer pairing ideas.

The bright, hoppy citrusy characteristics of our Paradocs Red IIPA do a great job of cutting through a heavy Thanksgiving dinner. The strong malty base does a great job of tying all the elements together. A great all-around beer for the Thanksgiving table.

If cranberries are your favorite part of the day, there’s no better beer than the Door Jam Cherry IPA. The tartness of the cranberries compliments the IPA hop bitterness and brings out the subtle cherry flavor on the finish.

If stuffing is your favorite, we’d suggest our Six Stone Scotch Ale. The traditional stuffing spices blend well with the sweet, smoky profile of our scotch ale.

When you get to dessert, there are two beers that are home runs. Our Black Walnut Belgian Imperial Stout is a great dessert by itself, but it also goes well with any chocolate dishes you have—cakes, brownies, cookies and even ice cream. If you have left over pumpkin pie or apple pie, come in for our Santa’s Sack Christmas Ale. The spiced ale goes amazingly well with pies—the beer extends the spices in an amazing way, taking the experience to the next level. However, you’ll have to wait until Black Friday to get your hands on our Christmas Ale.

View all Raised Grain beers.

Black Friday Beer Release

Black Friday Beer Release

When your shopping is done (or you’ve woken up from your turkey hangover), stop in to try our second seasonal release. Our Christmas ale, Santa’s Sack, will be tapped at noon. We’ve brewed this warm holiday beer with four spices–and part of the game will be deciphering which spices we used. The spices were Guess correctly and you’ll be entered to win a growler of our winter seasonal.

Spiced like a warm apple pie and smooth like a strong red ale, this beer is a perfectly balanced winter ale.

Food trucks will be on-hand so you can revitalize after an early morning of shopping.

Remember: We will happily babysit husbands while you shop.


When? November 27th at 12pm-12am

Food? Food trucks starting at noon.

Win a growler?? Guess the four spices (hint: 3 are Penzey’s spices, 1 is from the grocery store) and you’ll be entered to win a a growler fill of Santa’s Sack Winter Ale. You don’t need to be present to win.

Halloween Beer Names

Halloween Beer Names

We’ve gotten a bit carried away with Halloween this year… our brewery is haunted and we’ve renamed our beers (just for one day).

  1. The “Grim Reaper” Rye IPA
  2. “Killer” Kolsch
  3. “The Amityville” Amber
  4. Hitchcock’s “The Birds” Belgian Tripel
  5. Paradocs “redruM” IIPA
  6. Six “Tombstone” Scotch Ale
  7. AHHHHH! Impale Ale
  8. “Black Beards” Belgian Stout
  9. “Death’s Door” Jam IPA

Thanks to our awesome beertenders Alex, Kelly and Mary, for coming up with these names.

Our First Seasonal

Our First Seasonal

We’ve been open for slightly longer than a month, but there has already been a strong request for a seasonal beer. And we’re happy to oblige! We considered everything from Oktoberfests to Pumpkin Ales.

Nah, we landed someplace a little bolder for our first seasonal. A Cherry IPA.

We wanted our first seasonal to showcase not only our passion for the beer we make, but for the great state we live in. Our cherry IPA is a true harvest ale. Seventy-five pounds of fresh harvested Door County Cherries. Twenty pounds of freshly-picked Cascade and Mt. Hood hops from a new Wisconsin hop grower, located in Mather, WI. Just days from harvest to boil kettle. It’s a difficult balance to strike, but our brewmasters have done an outstanding job of highlighting the fresh Door County cherries without overpowering the beer.

As we brewed last week, our brewery was filled with the sweet aroma of cherries and the bright scent of fresh hops. The beer is almost done fermenting, but the samples we have pulled are right where we want them. The cherries are pleasantly highlighted in the nose of the beer, propped up by fresh floral and herbal hop aromas. The initial taste is that of a top-notch IPA, the tartness of the cherries accentuating—but not overpowering—the stylistic IPA bitterness. The finish of the beer leaves a light reminder of cherries, enticing you to take another sip. And another.

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We're Open

We're Open

It has been about a year of planning, construction and excitement. But we’re finally open. We have eight beers on tap right now, and we’re plotting out our next four.

We’ll be open a little early both Saturday and Sunday for the football games this weekend, so come on by.

Feel free to bring your own food or order takeout from any of our nearby friends.

Coming to Waukesha

The news is out! Raised Grain Brewing Company will be moving to Waukesha. Our article in the Milwaukee Biz Journal pretty much says it all, so check out here: Raised Grain has big ambitions.

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