The naked hop is the purest expression of each hop, and we’ve chosen to bring the “old” into the “new” in our third edition of the Naked Hop series. We will start with a West Coast style IPA as the backdrop. In the old-fashioned days of craft brewing—you know, like ten years ago—a wave of wild brewers on the west coast were brewing crazy hoppy IPAs. These hoppy beers helped ignite an IPA craze that burned through the US and hasn’t let up since.

Now, hop producers are developing insane “new-fashioned” techniques for extracting the hop flavor and aroma oils to help brewers like us make boldly hopped beer better. This year’s Naked Hop series will delve into Cryo Hops®, or cold-extracted concentrated hop lupulin, exploring the bold flavors we can create using this new version of hops in an “old” style.

The 2018 Naked Hops will be Cascade, one of the quintessential West Coast IPA hops; Loral, a hop that itself is part old (many characteristics from the noble hops) and part new (hop aromas bred from new varietals); and Bravo, a super-alpha hop with fruit and floral aromas. All of the hops used will be Cryo Hops.

Our brewers encourage you to enjoy this beer fresh. Follow our Facebook page for updates on when each beer will be released.