Word is out… we’ve got some ambitious growth plans in the works. We’ve been super busy keeping up with demand these past few months, so it felt like the right time for us to move along with what our plans have been all along.

We started Raised Grain with the idea of sharing our beer with more than just friends. Along the way, we’ve made a ton of new friends--more than we can accommodate in our current brewery. We will be building out a production facility here in Waukesha capable of handling more distribution.

As we shift production of many of our flagship beers to our new facility for kegging and canning, we’ll be maintaining our existing brewery and taproom. Our current brewery gives us the flexibility to brew new and innovative beers, something that has helped set us apart in the year and a half we’ve been open.

Our bigger production capacity will allow us to share our beer with more and more people, and will give us the opportunity to make more friends along the way. The important things will remain the same: chatting with our brewers over the bar, our amazing beertender staff, new beers, fantastic pizza from our food truck, and all the other things you love about Raised Grain.

So, as we’re on the verge of growth with many exciting things to come, we’ll still be the same old Raised Grain, making our awesome, Boldly Brewed Beers--we’ll just be able to share our beer with more friends!