As we were approaching the end of 2016, we realized that we were coming up on a big milestone: our 100th batch of brew. Hitting our 100th batch was extremely exciting for us, so we wanted to commemorate the occasion with something special: a taproom exclusive beer named No. 100. After much deliberation over a few of our Boldy Brewed Beers, our Doctor Brewers decided to reach out to our old friends at Milwaukee’s Hawthorne Coffee Roasters to collaborate on this exclusive beer. Several months ago, we used their Brazilian coffee beans to amp up our classic Black Walnut Stout and created the popular Black Walnut Brazilian Coffee we served in the taproom this past fall.

For No. 100, we wanted to do something even bigger and bolder. For our second collaboration with Hawthorne, we brewed a batch of our imperial stout with their bourbon barrel-aged coffee beans and added cinnamon. Sounds pretty sweet, right? This combination gives No. 100 a unique and delicious, almost decadent, flavor profile. While it might be the perfect dessert beer, we wouldn’t blame you for drinking one before dinner!

Since you can only brew one 100th batch, this intensely flavorful stout will never be brewed again and the only place you’ll be able to get it is in our taproom for a very limited time. And yes, we’re putting Betsy Ross to work and doing a short bottling run of No. 100. We will be opening the taproom at 10am on Saturday February 11th, where bottles of this once-in-a-lifetime beer will be sold for $15 and limited to two (2) per customer. We will also have one keg of it on tap so you can enjoy a snifter while you are waiting for bottles or hanging out afterwards.

Thanks to all of our dedicated drinkers for helping us get to our 100th batch, with many more batches to come! Sante