Many moons ago, three med students passed through medical school here in Wisconsin. Their paths crossed and friendships were started. Different trajectories landed these three docs in different areas geographically, professionally and artistically. Scott and Jimmy ended up owning a brewery in Waukesha, and Kristian landed out in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, owning a vineyard. 

In the not too distant past, our three doctor protagonists reconnected over their passions. Kristian, now a surgeon, shared some Pinot Noir grapes from his award-winning winery with his old pals, now accomplished home brewers. Scott and Jimmy—inspired by the amazingly deep and complex flavors from the grapes—developed a recipe for a Belgian Quad brewed with the grapes shipped in from their doctor friend. 

In the flurry of opening Raised Grain, this recipe was all but forgotten. Until, one day, an old dusty bottle of home brew resurfaced when Scott was moving boxes around in his basement. It had the number "62" marked on the bottle cap in permanent marker. Inquisitively, we popped it open. WHOA!!! We dropped what we were doing and stared in amazement at the bottle containing a beer with intensely complex, yet delicate flavors of Burgundy and banana esters enveloped by a smooth oak back drop. What is this we stumbled upon? 

Scott and Jimmy went back to their brew logs. Beneath the recipe for #62 was a hand-written note, Les Trois Docteurs.

We called Kristian and asked if he could send us grapes. As soon as the harvest was ready, we received 100 pounds of the same Pinot Noir grapes. We scaled up the recipe and brewed the quad. Six months later, after aging on oak, the docs were more than happy with the beer and declared it fit for packing. We'll be bottling 40 cases, so there won't be many bottles. Rumor has it that we may save a keg for our anniversary party... 

The bottle release will be on Saturday, March 11th, at 10am at the brewery. Full details here.