Our brewer Scott recently returned from a vacation to Germany filled with inspiration (and a suitcase full of beer). So amazed was he at the German wheat beers that he brewed a hefeweizen the day he got back to the brewery. We were excited to have a fun, light, summer wheat beer to drink on our new outdoor patio. It was ready before we even had a name for it, and someone said, “Let’s just call it Hefeweizen!”

It turns out we loved it and so did everyone else, so we decided to brew it again. But if this beer is going to have a place on our beer board, it better have a worthy name. We sat outside on our new patio enjoying a few pints of hefeweizen, and conversation quickly drifted elsewhere…

Summer in Wisconsin is fleeting. It’s gone as quickly as it comes. Everyone, we agreed, needs a good, guilty pleasure to enjoy as they soak in the few warm rays of sunshine. A summer vice that makes you feel good even when you know it’s a little bad. At that very moment, lightning struck (literally… so we moved inside).

It was that instant we knew we had a name for our hefeweizen, Summer Vice.