Our mission at Raised Grain, as we’ve chosen to accept it, is to elevate grain to its most distinguished form, and this includes a great deal of experimentation and on-the-job education. Our Naked Hop series plunges us into our exploration of the myriad hop varieties available today, both nationally and locally.

The beers in our Naked Hop series are designed to be the purest expression of each hop varietal, and we’ve chosen the name specifically because there is nothing for the hop flavor to hide behind. A simple malt base provides a blank canvas for the bright splashes of hop bursts you will get with each beer. By building a bigger, bolder IIPA recipe, we are able to amplify the hop characteristics. The recipe and process for each beer will remain consistent, with the only variable being the hop itself. At the end of the experiment you will be able to compare all beers side-by-side.

We invite you along on this journey as we release four beers in our initial Naked Hop series.

Beer 1: Amarillo Hops (4/14 RELEASE DATE)
Beer 2: Galena Hops
Beer 3: Chinook Hops (late season harvest)
Beer 4: Capstone Combination, Amarillo, Galena and Chinook

We’ve sourced our Galena and Chinook hops from Gorst Valley Hops, a Wisconsin hop producer with an incredible depth of knowledge.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to sample all four beers and learn about each of the hops and their characteristics. At the end, stop by for our grand-finale debriefing and try all four beers in a flight.

BEER #1 RELEASE at 4pm APRIL 14th