We were shocked earlier this week to find out that we made Milwaukee Magazine’s list of 20 Best Beers of 2015. We’re in the company of a number of top-notch local breweries, as well as nationally and internationally renowned breweries. Our beer, Paradocs Red IIPA, is one of our favorites. It is brewed with a tremendous amount of passion–it’s the beer that got our brewers thinking of more than just homebrewing. The bright hoppy aromas and flavors are balanced nicely with a smooth, malty base.

All we can say is WOW! We’ve been open for barely four months, and already our beers are hitting the top of the charts! We think a lot of credit is due to everyone that has come in to try our beer and spread the word to their friends. We started our brewery as a way to share our beer with friends, and the great press we’re getting should help the cause. So thank you to everyone that has come in and enjoyed our beers. There are many more to come!