Our newest beer might be one of our favorites—but more on that later. Bright citrus and passion fruit aromas will catch your nose as the glass of Hop Doctor arrives at your table. This IIPA is characterized by a velvety hoppiness that coats your tongue and leaves you wanting more.

The Hop Doctor IIPA is a unique one, considering the amount of hops we dumped into the boil kettle and fermenter (watch the video). We chose to highlight the hops by way of flavor and aroma, with the majority of the almost 20 pounds of Citra and Amarillo hops added late. It’s exceedingly smooth, devoid of the overwhelming bitterness that you’ll find in some west-coast IIPAs.

But the name is all about our brewers, the champions of this beer. Our beer—all of it—is brewed by our two #DoctorBrewers—Scott’s a pathologist and Jimmy’s a vascular surgeon. They both love hops and this beer is a representation of their passion. This beer (ok… all of our beers) is why they started a brewery: they wanted to share their beer with more than just their friends.

So Dr. Scott and Dr. Jimmy hope that you enjoy this beer. And anyone that drinks our beer is a friend of ours!

Stop in at 2pm on December 31st to get a taste of the Hop Doctor IIPA, or stick around ‘til midnight for our New Years Eve party.