We’re super excited about the new Star Wars movie, so we’re throwing a launch party at our tap room this Friday, 4-12pm.

Anyone that comes in and shows their ticket gets $1 off their beers. Anyone that doesn’t show their ticket, but orders in the voice of their favorite character ALSO gets $1 off their beers. Anyone whose favorite character is Jar Jar Binks, and orders their beer in Jar Jar’s voice will pay $1 extra.

In honor of the start of the third trilogy, we’re renaming our beers:

  • Amadala Rye Pale Ale
  • Obi Wan Kölschnobi
  • Cloud City Amber
  • Tatooine Trooper Tripel
  • Rebel Alliance Red IIPA
  • Sith Stone Scotch Ale
  • Jaba the Ha IPA
  • Vader’s Sack Christmas Ale
  • Wookie Stout
  • (sorry folks, but the Death Star Cherry IPA has been destroyed, aka completely gone)

Feel free to dress up–all our facilities are R2D2 accessible. And definitely stop in before or after you head over to the theater!