Thanksgiving is up there for our favorite holidays. We love the time we get to share with friends and family, and definitely enjoy the turkeys, stuffing, cranberries and pies. We wanted to share some of our favorite Thanksgiving beer pairing ideas.

The bright, hoppy citrusy characteristics of our Paradocs Red IIPA do a great job of cutting through a heavy Thanksgiving dinner. The strong malty base does a great job of tying all the elements together. A great all-around beer for the Thanksgiving table.

If cranberries are your favorite part of the day, there’s no better beer than the Door Jam Cherry IPA. The tartness of the cranberries compliments the IPA hop bitterness and brings out the subtle cherry flavor on the finish.

If stuffing is your favorite, we’d suggest our Six Stone Scotch Ale. The traditional stuffing spices blend well with the sweet, smoky profile of our scotch ale.

When you get to dessert, there are two beers that are home runs. Our Black Walnut Belgian Imperial Stout is a great dessert by itself, but it also goes well with any chocolate dishes you have—cakes, brownies, cookies and even ice cream. If you have left over pumpkin pie or apple pie, come in for our Santa’s Sack Christmas Ale. The spiced ale goes amazingly well with pies—the beer extends the spices in an amazing way, taking the experience to the next level. However, you’ll have to wait until Black Friday to get your hands on our Christmas Ale.

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