We’ve been open for slightly longer than a month, but there has already been a strong request for a seasonal beer. And we’re happy to oblige! We considered everything from Oktoberfests to Pumpkin Ales.

Nah, we landed someplace a little bolder for our first seasonal. A Cherry IPA.

We wanted our first seasonal to showcase not only our passion for the beer we make, but for the great state we live in. Our cherry IPA is a true harvest ale. Seventy-five pounds of fresh harvested Door County Cherries. Twenty pounds of freshly-picked Cascade and Mt. Hood hops from a new Wisconsin hop grower, located in Mather, WI. Just days from harvest to boil kettle. It’s a difficult balance to strike, but our brewmasters have done an outstanding job of highlighting the fresh Door County cherries without overpowering the beer.

As we brewed last week, our brewery was filled with the sweet aroma of cherries and the bright scent of fresh hops. The beer is almost done fermenting, but the samples we have pulled are right where we want them. The cherries are pleasantly highlighted in the nose of the beer, propped up by fresh floral and herbal hop aromas. The initial taste is that of a top-notch IPA, the tartness of the cherries accentuating—but not overpowering—the stylistic IPA bitterness. The finish of the beer leaves a light reminder of cherries, enticing you to take another sip. And another.

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