League Overview:

- 12 Teams (Consisting of at least 2 players each)
- 13 Week League (11 Weeks of play, 2 weeks of tournament play)
- All games & Tournament play will be held on Tuesday's, between 6-8pm.
- Fees will be $30/team, due by start of the Round 1 league play. Must be paid in cash.
- All participants must be 21 years of age or older.


- 1st Place: 50% of League fees, Case of RG Beer, Exclusive 1st Place Trophy!

- 2nd Place: 25% of League fees, Case of RG Beer

- 3rd Place: Case of RG Beer

League Schedule (Matchups & Times TBD)

- Round 1: February 5th

- Round 2: February 12th

- Round 3: February 19th

- Round 4: February 26th

- Round 5: March 5th

- Round 6: March 12th

- Round 7: March 19th

- Round 8: March 26th

- Round 9: April 2nd

- Round 10: April 9th

- Round 11: April 16th

- Tournament Round 1: April 23rd

- Tournament Round 2: April 30th


League Rules:

- Matches last up to one hour and consist of the best of 5 games played to 21 points. Please arrive promptly so we can remain on schedule. All scoring is cancellation & NON-bust. If a 5th game is needed to determine the winner of an overall match, the game will be played to 11 with NON-CANCELLATION scoring. 

- All bags must be thrown from the side of the board, and the thrower’s feet may not pass the edge of the front of the bag board.

- Signed game and match scores must be turned into the beer tenders at the completion of each match. Top records will determine the seeding for the tournament. The top 4 teams will have a first round bye.

- Substitutes are allowed if you or the alternate are unavailable on any given week. Only 2 players may play PER individual match. Teams may play with one person if needed, but only as a last resort.

- For every 10 minutes that a team is absent, they will forfeit one match. After 30 minutes, they forfeit the match round.

- Scoring is up to 21 cancel out, (NON-bust). 1 Point = Any bag directly on the board. 3 Points = Any bag pitched directly into the hole in the board. 

- Understand that staff will need to occasionally pause game play and access areas of the brewery.